Lenzing Viscose®
Lenzing Viscose®

Lenzing Viscose® is a viscose fiber from the House of Lenzing, produced from the replenishable raw material of wood. As a result of its cellulosic origin, it is naturally botanic, absorbs moisture well and is pleasant on the skin.

Quality as a standard

Lenzing has been producing viscose, the first generation cellulose fiber, for 75 years. The knowledge it has acquired in viscose production is reflected in the superb quality of Lenzing Viscose®, quality which now sets the standard for the textile industry today.

Valuable Sustainability

Fiber production

But it isn’t only quality that plays a major role. Lenzing also gives priority to environmental protection and sustainability. The various chemical and waste products which result from the production process are recycled or sold. One example is xylose which is used as a sweetener by the food industry.

Lenzing Viscose®

Classic throughout

For more than 75 years classic Viscose has been produced in Lenzing. In the global market Lenzing Viscose® is considered to be a premium product and is used in clothing and in the hygiene sector. In the clothing sector Lenzing Viscose® scores as a fiber in fashionable fabrics and in the hygiene sector, where purity and absorbency have top priority, in products such as wipes, tampons and wound dressings.