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More performance in extreme situations

Lenzing™ FR
Physiological tests

For the wearer, Lenzing™ FR helps to achieve higher performance in extreme situations. Overheating of the body (known as heat stress) is a constant danger when working in hot and physically demanding environments. This danger is significantly reduced thanks to the excellent moisture management and breathability properties of Lenzing™ FR. The physical and mental performance of the wearer is improved if body temperature and comfort are enhanced. The unparalleled moisture management and breathability properties of Lenzing™ FR allow the body to be cooled down. This in turn reduces fatigue, muscle cramps and breathing difficulties and the onset of impaired judgement.

Power of performance put to the test

Test series with Lenzing™ FR

The purpose of the test performed was to examine the effect of protective clothing on the metabolism and the heat balance of the body. During physical exertion body heat is generated. This excess heat has to be dissipated in order to avoid overheating and to maintain optimum body performance. In this regard, the properties of the protective clothing and its composition play an important role. The subjects in the series of tests performed wore an overall clothing system made of the particular material tested.

Lenzing™ FR comes in first


The results of the test were impressive. Wearing Lenzing™ FR based protective garments means that the least amount of heat is stored in the human organism. The efficient release of body heat through the protective clothing into the surrounding environment regulates the body climate thus minimizing the risk of heat stress and ultimately heat stroke.

Average core temperature - difference

Average core temperature - difference
More performance

Regulating the body climate is a pre-requisite for optimal physical and mental performance. If one compares Lenzing™ FR based materials with other materials, improved performance of the wearer is clearly evident. Lenzing™ FR, can save lives in life-threatening situations.

Average load in anaerobic range

Average load in anaerobic range