Active in Seamless

Active in Seamless


Free and active

TENCEL® is the ultimate fiber for sporting activities. Perfect moisture management is guaranteed as a result of the fiber's structure. Submicroscopic canals between the indificual fiber fibrils regulate the absorption and release of moisture. And this property proves itself to be ideal when performing sports.

Freedom in movement

An athlete can only deliver a peak performance when he has the right equipment. The correct use of materials and a perfect structure are critical here: TENCEL® is combined with other fibers so that the fiber properties in the sports textiles can be optimized for the activity in question. On the outer side, TENCEL® acts like "blotting paper" and absorbs moisture from the skin. Our seamless technology ensures unrestricted freedom of movement. Thanks to this special construction technique, there are no seams to irritate the athlete when performing sports. Undesirable friction is also avoided. TENCEL® is particularly well suited to this technology. The fiber's robustness and regularity make it the perfect seamless candidate for sports textiles.

TENCEL® & Seamless Technology

The fiber for winners

Whe in motion, an athlete is in harmony with his body and this should not be disturbed - particularly not by his clothing. Using the right materials is decisive for victory.

Top in moisture management

The moisture management of TENCEL® is unique. TENCEL® absorbs moisture rapidly and extensively. Synthetic fibers simply do not have this ability. TENCEL® ensures both a dry skin climate and peak performance.

TENCEL® is the clear winner due to its optimum moisture absorption.
TENCEL® is the clear winner due to its optimum moisture absorption.
Polyester, on the other hand, absorbs no moisture.
Polyester, on the other hand, absorbs no moisture.

Number one in skin-sensory properties

The smooth fiber surface of TENCEL® ensures a cool softness on the skin thus preventing irritation. Rough fiber surfaces can lead to skin irritations during longer-lasting sporting activities and can impair athletic performance and the joy of movement.

Winner in freshness

TENCEL® guarantees a fresh and pleasantly cool feeling on the skin in a completely natural way.

Bacteria do not stand a chance with TENCEL®. Moisture is immediately transported from the skin into the inside of the fiber. As a result, no water films form on the fiber, eliminating the basis for bacterial growth or odor development. One test shows that 2,000 times fewer bacteria grow on TENCEL® than on synthetic fibers.

Naturalness emerges victorious

TENCEL® is a botanic fiber. It is extracted from wood and is 100% biodegradable. The manufacturing process was awarded the "European Award for the Environment" by the European Union due to its eco-friendliness.