Designed for knits

TENCEL®, the Lyocell fiber from the House of Lenzing, is ideal for knitwear. The creations range from jersey and flat knitwear of 100 % TENCEL® to blends with natural fibers or synthetic fibers. TENCEL® is an inspiration to the world of fashion.

Ideally knitted

Two types of TENCEL®, the knitting talent, are available, both of which are suitable for knitted fabrics. The A100™ type is used for synthetic blends and wool. The LF type is used in cotton blends. The TENCEL® knit types are also available in a micro variant for particularly fine knitted fabrics.

Knit guide*

Blending partner Processing Properties End-use
TENCEL® all fiber types Mercerization
Peach Skin
Mechanical Polishing
Enzym finishing
Resin finish
Silky cool hand
High-end fashion
TENCEL® A100™ Wool
Exhaust dyeing
Highest possible sheen
and depth of color
Fashionable knit outfits,
sportswear, sweater
Exhaust dyeing
resin finished
Introduces volume and
body to knitwear
Lingerie, homewear,

* All TENCEL® types can be processed in 100%.


Highest depth of color

Best color depth with TENCEL® A100™
Best color depth with TENCEL® A100™

The TENCEL® knitwear fibers have a pronounced depth of color. Compared with cotton, viscose and modal fibers, TENCEL® results in impressive differences1. The special type, TENCEL® A100, dyes at least 38 % more deeply than cotton. The effect is based above all on the special fiber structure of TENCEL®. As a result the colors are more intensive than ever before.

Highest sheen

Highest sheen with TENCEL® A100™
Highest sheen with TENCEL® A100™

TENCEL® stands out compared to all other fibers. The sheen as measured2  with a brillancy measuring instrument shows the difference quite clearly. The TENCEL® fiber wins the test and is the brightest fiber of all the cellulose fibers. Thus knitwear outfits shine to perfection completely without the use of synthetics.

1 measured with: X-Rite 8200 measuring instrument, color intensity SUM DIN 55986
2 measured according to: gloss level determination DIN 67530:1982-01

Highest quality

No washing wrinkles with TENCEL® A100™
No washing wrinkles with TENCEL® A100™

Who is not familiar with them, those wrinkles which appear after washing jersey fabrics? You wash your favorite top for the very first time and the surface is covered with permanent wash wrinkles. This does not happen with TENCEL®. Thanks to the outstanding fiber properties, the fabrics remain bright, intensive in color and free of wrinkles even after repeated washing.